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Part 3: Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

1. On-demand Applications

Things will become more interesting as the app world is going to start more on-demand apps in 2020. Let’s accept it that yesterday’s high-class is today’s demand. And there are many on-demand applications now.

Smartphones have become a major requirement since they meet all our demands fast through mobile apps. You just need to place a request in the specific app and you will get the service at your preferred area.

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On-demand apps are user-friendly for users. Furthermore, Regarding research, about 1486.5 million Us citizens are widely using on-demand services, where around 45 million people in America are offering on-demand services.


Some future trends of on-demand apps incorporate:

- On-demand local helper apps
- On-demand laundry service apps
- On-demand salon apps
- On-demand babysitting apps
- On demand ebook banner

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

In 2019, many mobile applications already have shifted to Virtual Fact and Augmented Actuality and these apps not only belong to the gaming or entertainment area.

Now businesses in different areas are also including the real-world experience in apps. Henceforth, App Store and Google Play Store are full of VR and AR apps. Pokémon Go is the best instance of an AR app.

Moreover, it offers almost 5 million active users all over the world. Brands like Sephora and IKEA have included augmented reality in their applications to boost and enhance user experience and increase conversion rates.

Although VR technology is still developing, slowly it will mainstream. Apps like Google Cardboard and Tilt Brush offer a 360 experience. There is Google’s Daydream VR that just supports the latest Android smartphones like Motorola Moto Z, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, etc.

3. Mobile Wallet's importance

The hike in online banking and eCommerce has added to the excellent development in online payment options available for those users. And with the arrival of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, clients are slowly moving to mCommerce.

However, Blockchain is entering into mobile payments to strengthen the applications with safer money transaction processes.

Why should you combine a payment gateway into an application? Previously plastic money replaced cash and now the plastic material money will be changed too.

Tech bigwigs like Samsung are working on an improved check and pay strategy for making bill obligations and money transactions more feasible. With Apple Pay, Apple is also working to empower the peer-to-peer money payment system.

Alongside these options, there will be more developed mobile payment options in 2020.

Some forthcoming mobile wallet app development styles include:

- Contactless payment
- Safer and more secure mobile wallets

Additionally, in the mobile wallets, encrypted security makes sure the safety of users’ money. The rush in the mobile budget trend is because of the hike in the online payment systems that need quicker and better channels for money transactions.

4. Chatbots

In the mobile app world, chatbots have already taken over different communication aspects. A part of this is associated with the requirement for having real-time connection between the customers and the service providers.

This technology stops the necessity of having human-to-human interaction in various fields.

These days, the recognized firms are making some profits due to client engagement. Mobile users often leave apps after a while. For this reason, chatbots are forecasted to handle this problem. Companies will also compete for beating one another with exclusive Chatbot apps.

According to industry experts, people will make nearly 85% of connections with businesses through chatbots by 2020. After all, this advancement reduces the individual weakness of getting tired after offering 24×7 services.

The use of chatbots will increase in 2020. The stats show that bots will be readier for complementing human behavior and provide relative services in 2020. As per Global Market Insights, the global industry size for chatbots would be more than 1.34 billion USD by 2024.

5. Cloud-integrated Mobile Programs

Cloud technology has a lot of opportunities and perks. Once it began as a hosting service and gradually has developed over its initial applications. This is the most trustworthy platform to store and access your data more securely, quickly and smoothly.

However, cloud technology hasn’t came into the mobile application development process to a great level. We can anticipate to have many cloud-integrated mobile applications in 2020.

Cloud-integrated apps directly run on the cloud. This is how it lights out the internal storage of your smartphone. Hence, you don’t require worrying regarding your mobile crashing while using these applications.

Both users and app developers equally reap the benefits of cloud integration. It makes application development quicker and simpler, alongside cost savings. Moreover, users can gain access to the programs efficiently without installing it.

Future cloud technology applications include:

- Cross types cloud solutions
- Multi-cloud platforms
- Cloud quantum computing

6. Accelerated Mobile Webpages (AMP)

Google’s AMP or Accelerated Mobile Web pages project is in collaboration with Twitter. It’s an unadorned version of HTML to raise the swiftness of mobile webpages.

It allows developers to develop heavy web pages and websites with high performance, quick loading quickness, and lower bounce rates across all mobile devices.

AMP listings have been integrated by Google into its mobile search results. It helps designers decrease the web pages’ loading time.

Using a good AMP score, you can obtain a reduced jump rate, a better conversion rate, ultimate consumer retention and a great improvement of user experience.

Google’s declaration claims that soon it'll provide a mobile search container that will help users find out mobile-friendly sites. Henceforth, AMP retains a noteworthy transition in the mobile app industry in the future.

7. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics makes future event predictions by measuring the present data. It uses strategies from modeling, figures, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining.

Technology biggies like Facebook, Google, and Apple have previously improved consumer journeys across the UX/UI by AI integration for using predictive analytics.

The importance of predictive analytics can be recognized properly by the fact that Netflix provided 1 million USD in 2009 to everybody who could assist the organization to boost the quality of its engine of recommendations by 10%.

The flows of more computing strength, more storage, and more data fuel its prominence further. And it will be one of the most sought-after mobile application trends to follow.

8. Improved Application Security

Cybersecurity is a vital feature of app development and will rule all tech progresses. The changeover of Apple to its Swift coding language from Objective-C must be an essential reminder to designers and programmers for combining more security features in the beginning phases of the application development treatment.

Organizations will also explore tricky procedures for arresting the technology abnormalities that have corrupted the network of the organizations.


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